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Actually there won’t be much difference among the NightShot models in “seeing-through”. However, if you are going to buy a new camcorder, we recommend one of models that have a Slow Shutter feature in NightShot mode or Super NightShot models. Obviously, if the particular model you are considering is not equipped with NightShot then it will be of no use. Check out Sony’s web site atfor a list of current models and specifications. One thing I would recommend is buying a model with SteadyShot. This makes filming from a. If you have a Sony Nightshot camcorder or are going to purchase a Nightshot camcorder it will help your degree of success to know the differences among these 3 models. Old Models. Old Models are the original Nightshot models that Sony produced before August 12, 1998.

There is little difference in Super and normal NightShot models. But when using Super NightShot model you would get better images in less infrared situations such as in the environment D or at night. 08/05/2013 · Got this new badboy camera and here is a sample of the nightvision mode that it comes with:.

16/02/2012 · One big factor is "low lux" & after researching, it seems like there is only 1 cam that is "notorious" for having such a low lux which is a Sony NightShot. Switching to 'Nightshot mode' physically displaces the camcorder's internal glass filter called "IR Cut Filter ICF", which means that much more NIR light reaches the CCD.
08/07/2014 · a basic nightshot test of 2 of the different models we have the sony sr7 and sony sr10 Please Watch In HD for best results PLEASE CHECK OUR MAIN CHANNEL Stoke Haunted stoke. 21/03/2016 · Sony Nightshot "naked" scandal. There are some third parties that Ir convert digital cameras but several Sony models had switch removable Ir blocking filters. I had them get me a SOny Camcorder at the local Best Buy for about $150 and it did all the things I needed and a lot better than the night vision scope.

11/03/2012 · hey all. im looking at a new camcorder to buy but i would like one with nightshot. i know the only ones that really do this is sony, and i do not have a firewire port on my new laptop so cant go down the mini DV route. so my question is, which sony camcorder with nightshot would you reccomend? You can use Sony’s IR emission light HV-LIRH2 or HVL-IRC to increase the NIR. 03/05/2013 · Your best bet is to either go with a very old HD model tapeless unless you're really thinking about using the camcorder on a regular basis or a somewhat old SD model the newest you can go with these is 2008, Sony removed NightShot from all SD models spanning from 2009 onwards and only the more expensive HD camcorders have NightShot.

OK, you can fire flashes, focus with laser pattern projection on the subject, and get an image. You can do these things with these cameras too without using Nightshot. But, Sony added a unique IR Capability. When you flip the switch to Nightshot mode, little IR LED Emitters built into the camera turn on, and bathe the scene in IR light. 01/01/2014 · Many of the older Sony Handycams had the NightShot Feature but they are standard def and record to tapes, MiniDV, Hi8, VHS, etc. Does anyone know where I could get a list of camcorders that are capable of using Infrared light for NightShot/Vision? Or are able to post known camcorder models that can use IR night shot? Thank you.

16/10/2011 · Hi all, New to these forums. I am currently in the process of looking for a solid camcorder that has Sony's Nightshot Plus. So far I've looked at a lot of different camcorders and one that stands out the most is the HDR-SR11.

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